Read the questions carefully before you answer.

Write your answers on a separate piece of paper.

  1. Why has a Code of Behaviour for door supervisors been produced?
  2. Under the Private Security Industry Act 2001, what must a person have to be able to work as a door supervisor?
  3. Which of these is an important quality for a door supervisor?
  4. The main role of a door supervisor is to make sure that:
  5. When evicting a customer, door supervisors must ensure that they:
  6. Which of these is not a type of assault?
  7. Which of these is an offence against property?
  8. What should a door supervisor do first if someone is breaking the law on licensed premises?
  9. Licensed premises should be checked before they open to ensure that:
  10. What should door supervisors do if they want to search a customer’s bag?
  11. A door supervisor deciding to search a person because they are a known drug dealer is an example of a:
  12. An offensive weapon is any object that:
  13. Having an admissions policy is important to ensure that:
  14. What is the main hazard that door supervisors will face when carrying out customer searches?
  15. What should a door supervisor do if, when searching, they find illegal drugs in a customer’s possession?
  16. Which of these is an indictable offence on licensed premises?
  17. The arrest of a person by a door supervisor is a serious matter because:
  18. When making an arrest, what must a door supervisor do?
  19. Following the arrest of a person in licensed premises, a door supervisor must:
  20. Which of these can be a sign that a person has misused controlled drugs?
  21. Which of these is classed as a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971?
  22. Which of these may not be a sign of possible drug dealing in licensed premises?
  23. The best way of door supervisors reducing the chance of becoming infected when disposing of drug litter is to:
  24. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, who is legally authorised to be in possession of drugs in the course of their duties:
  25. Which of these is a main reason for a door supervisor to record incidents?
  26. If door supervisors have to use force to evict a customer, where should they record the incident?
  27. What type of evidence is a written witness statement classed as?
  28. At the scene of a serious incident in licensed premises, a door supervisor should make sure that:
  29. Which of these is a licensing objective under the Licensing Act 2003?
  30. Who is a premises licence granted by?
  31. A person cannot be ejected from licensed premises because they are:
  32. For how long can the police order licensed premises to close where there is disorder on the premises?
  33. If they believe that an offence against licensing law is being committed, the police have a legal right to enter licensed premises:
  34. When is it illegal for a child aged under 16 who is accompanied by an adult to have alcohol on licensed premises?
  35. Which of these gaming activities are not generally permitted on licensed premises?
  36. A common human reaction to an emergency situation is to:
  37. Licensed premises have permitted capacity limits to make sure that the:
  38. Which of these is unlikely to indicate possible terrorist activity?
  39. Which of these is a first aid incident that a door supervisor on licensed premises is least likely to have to deal with?
  40. Contaminated waste such as needles or broken glass should be disposed of in: